Howbury – Our development range
Available in cask, keg and bottle

Our ‘HOWBURY’ range of single brew craft ales, each brewed with different malts and hops. When they’re gone, they’re gone!


Our current Howbury brew;

HOWBURY 34 Nelson Sauvin Amber Pale 4.7%. Available in keg & bottle

Another New hop for us from Nelson one of the wine growing region of New Zealand – Fruity gooseberry & white wine flavour. 

Howbury 35 – coming soon….




Past Howbury Brews;

Howbury 1 –  Three Hopped Pale 4.5%  – A light amber Pale Ale with a delicate citrus flavour and a long hop after taste. Using UK, US & Australian aroma hops to give a soft floral aroma.

Howbury 2 – Golden Sovereign 3.7% – A Pale Golden Ale, light and fresh tasting with the fruity and flora aroma of Sovereign hops.

Howbury 3 – Bexley Special Bitter 5% – A Dark and Strong ale, deep copper in colour, with a full bodied flavour of caramel and molasses.

Howbury 4 – US Cascade Pale Ale 4.7% – An amber ale hopped with US Cascade to give a taste and aroma of lemon citrus & pine, with a malty biscuity finish.

Howbury 5 – Tasman Pale Ale 4.5% – A light amber pale ale, hopped with Australian & New Zealand hops for a fruity hoppy taste.

Howbury 6 – English Pale Ale 5%   – An amber Pale Ale hopped with UK Cascade and East Kent Goldings for a strong floral, citrus, lychee aroma.

Howbury 7  – Odo’s Oatmeal Porter 5.5%  – Odo’s Oat Porter combines oats, black, chocolate & crystal malts to produce a dark rich ale with a sweet roasted, vanilla aroma and a chocolate, coffee flavour. Odo of Bayeux was the half brother of William the Conqueror and at one time lived near to the brewery on his Howbury Estate.

Howbury 8 – Motueka Pale Ale, 4.9% – A dark golden Pale Ale, packed with Motueka hops (our favourite NZ hop), giving a tropical, passion fruit aroma and stong hop-forward taste.

Howbury 9Golden Ella, 3.4% – Our lowest abv beer to date. A light and fruity beer, hopped with Australian Ella hops for a lovely floral and tropical hoppy aroma and taste.

Howbury 10 – American Hopped Pale 4.9%.  A dark golden beer, hopped with Cascade & Mosaic hops for a lovely citrus aroma and taste.

Howbury 11 –  Four Hopped Pale Ale 4.5%     A Golden Pale Ale with a delicate aroma of a citrus and floral hops.

Howbury 12  – Bullion IPA 4.8%  Using the 2016 crop of Bullion hops grown on Hukins Hop Farm in Tenterden, Kent.  We used the same crop for last years Bullion Kent Green Hop brew, which had a spicy freshness to it.

Howbury 13  – Oat Stout 5.3% abv A dark Oat Stout, rich smooth body with caramel, chocolate, and coffee aromas and flavours. One for those winter evenings and great with a rich desert or a few mince pies…

Howbury 14 –  Mosaic IPA 5%   A dark golden beer with an intense fruity hoppiness from the Mosaic hops.

Howbury 15 – An Dark Old Ale 5% and aged for 12 months in cask.

Howbury 16 – Simcoe Pale 4.1% A dark golden ale, hopped with US Simcoe, to give the beer notes of berry, apricot, passion fruit, and  citrus.

Howbury 17  – Simcoe & Mandarina Bavaria Pale 4.1%  A golden, hopped with US Simcoe, and Mandarina Bavaria to give the beer notes of berry, apricot, passion fruit, and  orange.

Howbury 18 – Rye Pale 4.3%  A deep red pale ale made with dark crystal and rye malts to give a biscuity spice finish.

Howbury 19 – Ella & Simco 5% A dry hopped Golden Pale Ale, with hop flavours of tropical, citrus and pine.

Howbury 20 – Cascade 5% A dry hopped Amber Pale Ale, with a hoppiness that’s  floral, with elements of citrus and notes of grapefruit

Howbury 21 – Milk Stout 5% A dark, smooth milk stout with coffee, chocolate and molasses flavours

Howbury 22 – APA 4.9%  Brewed and dry hopped with 3 classic US hops Cascade, Centennial and Chinook, its fruity!

Howbury 23 – New Zealand Pale 4.3% Hopped with Motueka

Howbury 24 – Session IPA 4.2% Hopped with Comet & Amarillo

Howbury 25 – Table Beer 3.1% Our Lowest ABV beer to date, a golden hoppy beer

Howbury 26 – NZ Rakau 4.3% A very popular Howbury with a stone fruit aroma and taste

Howbury 27 – Dry Stout 5.2% – This became our new Stout – Spike Island 5.3%

Howbury 28 – Kent Hopped Ernest Pale 4.3% – Kent hops from Hukins Hope Farm in Tenterden Kent, a fruity fragrant Pale

Howbury 29 -Ruby Mile 3.5% – Our first brew of a Mild Ale and it got great feedback. We’ll aim to brew it yearly.

Howbury 30 – Citra 4.4% – A new hop for us, one that we haven’t been able to get hold of before. Citrus and Grapefruit hit!

Howbury 31 – Best Bitter 4.2% – A brew of a session strength bitter, very popular and became our Bursted Bitter – a best seller!

Howbury 32 – West Coast Pale (Citra and Cascade) 4.5% – Another popular American hopped pale and one that we’ve rebrewed.

Howbury 33 – The Important of being Ernest – Again 4.4%. Another brew with the lovely Ernest hop from Hukins in Kent.